Due to the recent new laws, regarding breeding dogs and  being licenced, I shall not be breeding in the foreseeable future and when I do need a new puppy, for showing, I shall have a litter, with the hope that there is something reasonably good enough to show. However, as the newlaws dictates, I shall not be selling any of them.Apparently I shall have the choice to keep them (hopefully there will only be one or two in the litter, as is usual in my lines) or I can give them away, but if you are looking for a puppy, you are welcome to contact me, as I am likely to know where there may be some available from a reputable breeder, alternatively you can contact Margaret Unwin, who runs the Papillon Puppy Register UK and she can, hopefully steer you in the right direction of a good breeder, that will hopefully be nearer   to where you live.

PLEASE, do not be tempted to buy from the internet. I have just recently seen an advert for a litter, online for an horrendously high price, which are far too young to be sold. Also far too young to inoculated (I doubt that it would be much good anyway as, presumbly they would have their first jab at six weeks, so would possibly still have their immunity from their dam at such a young age.

Most importantly, there is no mention of health checks. Health checks are one of the most critical questions that you should ask, when buying a puppy. 

 All I have to add to this is do your homework, because a puppy from that vender (I can’t say breeder, as apparently it is their first litter) is actually more than double to what, I and most other breeders (not all) would charge and I have nearly fifty years experience of breeding dogs and over forty years of breeding, showing and judging Papillons.

The oldest Papillon, on record was twenty seven years old. Obviously that’s exceptional, but the  average lifespan of my line, (obviously with a few exceptions) seems to be around the seventeen years which, is a long time, but I can guarantee that a good breeder will give new owners, all the help and support that you may need at any time, after all, what’s the use of having all that experience with Papillons, without sharing it.

It takes roughly about a month for a puppy or adult dog to settle into their new home, which is why older dogs, should always go to their new, prospective homes, on a month's trial period. The breeder should want only the best for their dogs which is why the new owner has to be completely happy with the new member of their family, but more importantly the dogs need to be completely happy in his/her new home. The reason for letting them go, in the first place is so that they will will get the individual attention. 
I wish you well in finding your perfect Papillon, but as I say, take your time to find the right one that is suitable for you and your family. 



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